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Our history

PJ Odyssey is a business group that produces high quality spirits on the Costa Blanca in Alicante.

Patrick and Jean, two childhood friends, decided to embark on this project to translate their passion for every corner of the planet into high-end products, at an affordable price and that can be a working tool that facilitates and makes the work of professionals profitable.

Their range of distillates includes PJ Odyssey GinPJ Odyssey Vodka and the range of cocktail concentrates, Moscow Mule and London Mule.

coctelero- de- sector horeca- haciendo- un- cóctel- Moscow Mule
Coctelero-de- sector horeca-con- un-medidor- preparando- un-London Mule
Cócteles-Moscow Mule-London Mule- y- vaso moscow mule- con- tónica

Our mission is to offer the HORECA sector a series of products that maintain the same quality in every drop, that facilitate the work of professionals due to their practicality of use and speed up the preparation of cocktails.

Another of our premises is to make cocktails accessible to all businesses, offering a range of premium products at a competitive price with which they can obtain a great profitability.

Our Philosophy


We produce exclusively in Spain, specifically in the Mediterranean region, to give our products a unique personality.


We select the highest quality raw materials, cultivated with supervised artisanal methods and subjected to rigorous manufacturing processes.


At PJ Odyssey, we are continually researching new ways to solve the problems faced by professionals and contribute to maximum business performance.


We have a strong commitment to the planet. That is why we focus our actions on the environment through three fundamental pillars: the use of recyclable packaging, local production that has a positive impact on the community and the adoption of environmentally friendly practices.

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